Strange Weather in The Tropics!

on Saturday, March 5, 2011
My people and I live in Malaysia. It's a little country wedged between Singapore and Thailand located right on the equator (ensuring year long tropical weather) and well outside the Pacific Ring of Fire (natural disasters are few and far in between!). So you can imagine my surprise when I was outside, taking my usual mid-afternoon snooze, when it began to ice! No, not rain. Ice.

Attack of ice by invisible assailants

It was so terrifying! I couldn't see who was throwing the ice at me, so I was whimpering and running back and forth trying to find any shelter to get away from those cold and worse, WET stones. It took the people long enough before they finally realized I was in distress. (Honestly, I feel like an unwanted step-child in this family!)

I don't understand why, but they went absolutely MAD when they saw the ice. Mad like it was walk time! They were oohing and aahing and pointing; absolutely barking mad. I on the other hand, was very relieved to be inside. I was so shaken by the experience I couldn't even move from my spot for a while!

Grandmama was the only one sensible enough to stay inside with me!

Anyway, it meant some inside time without a yucky bath! Score! I made full use of my time inside by catching up with some television.

Perhaps one day I can be inside the TV too.

Half an hour later, the weather cleared up and it became scorching hot instead! The people were all in arms about global warming, although they had silly grins plastered all over their faces. They said it was like seeing snow in Malaysia! I wonder what snow is. If it's wet, I don't want anything to do with it!

Lots of Licks,