Nice to Smell You!

on Monday, January 10, 2011
Hello! This is Summer reporting for doody. At this point in time, I'm an 18 month old girl, with a brindled coat, finished with a white vest and matching socks.

My people don't know what I am a mix of (they seem content with a greyhound, saluki, and border collie mix), but what they do know is that I'm inquisitive, have lots of energy, and forever nose deep in some mischief or other.

Does this look like a face of a wild child to you?

Momma-1 rescued me from the shelter where I was living for a while with a TON of other doggies when I was 6 months old. I was quite a big doggie by then, and quite frankly I wasn't the friendliest of pooches. I was wary, I didn't like new people, and I haven't changed much since then. But Momma-1 was pretty persistent and I warmed up to her after a few days! She said it's the reason she picked me. She was afraid I wouldn't ever get taken out of that shelter because nobody really likes a shy dog! Such a silly Momma, so easily fooled. When she took me to Momma-2's house, I became an absolute tyrant!

Momma-1 is still studying, so I live with Momma-2 for now. At first, I was allowed the whole backyard and porch for myself, but I have a fabulous nose for nooks and crannies and found a way to nudge to the neighbour's house where I can nudge into OTHER neighbour's houses!!! Oh the adventures I had. The thrill of the escapades! Oh, they tried to 'reinforce' the fences, but I wasn't having any of that! No one can contain me, Escapist Extrodinaire!

But people didn't like me landscaping their garden(we artist's are so misunderstood!), and Momma-2 was terrified that people would try to hurt me upon seeing a strange dog languishing in their garden. On top of that, I'm particularly wary of strangers. I'm not going to wag my tail at every Tom, Dick and Harry! I'm not aggressive, but people here seem to think that every dog bigger than a chihuahua is armed and dangerous!

In any case, I've been confined to the old ball and leash, doomed to romp in the yard only under very strict supervision. BAH! And they wonder why I'm a ruffian who can't control herself when she's excited. Momma-1 really wants me to be an inside doggie, and I don't particularly hate the idea either, but Momma-2 is a little old fashioned when it comes to doggies in the house. HOWEVER, slowly but surely, I think my stellar personality is making her change her mind. Momma-2 often sneaks me in, and Momma-1 does let me go in for short periods of time after I've taken a bath. A small matter of time before I conquer THAT domain.

Momma-1 makes up for me being holed up all the time by taking me for long jogs and hikes! Now those are a real treat.

She's really trying to make me into a perfect doggy, and I do try my best to please her sometimes. But I am a strong-willed dog and I certainly have a mind of my own. Hmm... Does that make me part Terrier then?

Lots of Licks,