Casualty of War

on Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Alas! One of my escape plans have failed. =( The failed trick lead to a series of unfortunate events starting with me falling heavily off the fence. My bones are all intact but the impact brought the Mommas out which lead to them finding out the flaw in their prison design! A very unfortunate outcome indeed. No cat chasing, no glorious adventure, and another round of fence work. BAH!

The frustration was enough to make me turn on one of my best friends, Mr. Moo.

I'm sorry Mr. Moo! =(

This unfortunate incident has resulted in Mr. Moo losing his squeaker for good. Momma-1 said she couldn't find it amidst the wreckage. It was the most regrettable part. The squeaker was what charmed me in the first place!

The blob circled in red is me, reeling in the horror
of my actions after I've come back to my doggy senses.

Momma-1 managed to fix him up somewhat. But he'll never be the same without his squeaker. And yet he still finds it in him to put on a brave face and smile for the camera.

His other ear and horn were lost in a... Er... Previous altercation.

But isn't that what friends are for?! Besides, I'm sure he's still good for another violent hustle or 10. Momma-1 is doing a fairly decent job of pushing his stuffing back into place.

And it fells so good to get everything out of my teeth. Now I can lie down and work on my tan a little. A girl needs her TLC! Can't always be work work work now can I?

Taking a breather before I plan my next big escape!

Lots of Licks,


Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Summer - just to let you know that I've given you a blog award! Please come over to my blog to pick it up!

Honey the Great Dane

houndstooth said...

Summer, these things happen! I'm sure Mr. Moo will forgive you!


Mayli the Labradane said...

Hi, Summer:

Looks like a very well fought battle. You did an excellent job dismembering that stuffie -- I could not have done it better myself!

I've seen your posts at Honey the Great Dane's blog and wanted to introduce myself properly - I can't wait to learn more about you.

- Mayli the Labradane

p.s. I think your Momma-1 is an excellent photographer.

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