My First Blog Award!

on Friday, February 18, 2011
My new blog friend Honey the Great Dane has awarded me with this stylish blogger award!

It's such an honour and so exciting as it is the first award I have ever received! So I'd like to thank Momma-1 for believing in my acting and picking me from the other broods at the SPCA, Momma-2 for keeping me company when Momma-1 wasn't around, the occasional-papa for taking me for fast jogs even though you don't really like touching me, and grandmama for always buying me livers and never forgetting to prepare my dinner!

Accepting the award means I have to share 7 facts about myself. This is one of those times where I feel like I have so many things to share and yet I don't know what to say. But I'll try my best and hopefully you guys will know me a little better after this exposé.

Fact #1: I used to sport a different name
At the SPCA, I used to be called Nidia! An exotic name, I know. But Momma-1 thought a new home required a new name and after some experimenting, she settled with Summer. And I rather like being named after such a well loved season (despite the fact that there's no actual Summer here in Malaysia!).

Momma-1 picking me up as 'Nidia' at the SPCA

Fact #2: I am addicted to zooming
Hi, my name is Summer, and I'm a zoomaholic. I'll do it in the morning, in the evening, after baths, before attending to business... I find that zoomies help move things along, if you know what I mean. Momma-1 has even found a way to instigate zoomies! When I'm really wired up, such as before going out, she'll throw one of my toys at me. I'll chase it and before I know it, I'm zooming up and down the lawn with the toy in my mouth! The Mommas say I go super fast, and one day I'm going to barrel into somebody and sweep them clean off their feet!

Fact #3: I am a nipper
No amount of correcting, redirecting, ignoring, growling, show of dominance (you name it, the Mommas have tried it) will stop me from taking a good nip! In fact, most of the time when they correct me, I take it as a signal to nip again. Over time I have let off on the Mommas, but I have redirected my energy to occasional-papa and grandmama. This is because I KNOW I can absolutely get away with it when it comes to them! Momma-1 says this habit makes me extremely unlikeable, but it just feels so good! And although I'm not picky, I am very partial to heels. I guess I just appreciate a good pair of heels.

Fact #4: I hate water
With an absolute passion. After a rain, I would walk AROUND puddles if I can. And I make an icky face when I accidentally walk into a puddle. I absolutely dread baths, naturally. I always make sad face when either Mommas take me to the bathroom, but they has hearts of steel and they doesn't care! And there was this time when Momma-1 thought it would be nice to take me to the beach. THE BEACH! The sand was fine, in fact there were lots of things to smell. But the waves! Those terrifying beasts that pretend to run away then quickly swoop in to try and eat me! *shudders* Momma-1 tried to coax me into the water but I was absolutely having none of that! Thank God she decided to just let me be, otherwise the wave creatures would have had me for dinner. I don't know why they didn't swallow her though. She must taste pretty bad. =s

Fact #5: I don't like touching icky things with my paws
The Mommas find it strange, but I wouldn't touch anything slimy with my paws! And by that I mean my knuckle bones. Most doggies would lie down, hold the bone so it wouldn't run away, and tuck into a nice hour long chew. Not me! If it tries to give me the slip, I don't mind waddling around after it. Better than dirtying my delicate paws!
It's just how I roll!

Fact #6: I am an escape artist, but I wouldn't run out an open gate
Oh the heartbreak I've apparently caused the Mommas for constantly trying to break free! I've climbed under, climbed over, and even jumped across the fence to get to them pesky cats! Once I even tried digging my way through, although I realized the flaw in that plan pretty quickly. And it isn't just fences I conquer. I've even gotten out of my crate. Yes, my crate! But despite all my attempts to get to the other side of the fence, I'm not so keen of wide open gates. Most of the time I just sit and stare when the Mommas and occasional-papa open the gate to park their cars. Momma-1 attributes it to her making me to sit nicely and calmly before I go out for walks, but the truth is I just prefer a challenge! But I decided to keep my muzzle shut. Just give her this one, you know?

Fact #7: I was an apartment doggie for a week
It's true! For a whole week, I stayed with Momma-1 in her apartment when she was doing her internship. She wanted me over because I was having a test soon and she thought me ill prepared. Seeing as she was having loads of free time during her internship, she wanted me over. I guess it was kind of nice living with Momma-1, but the truth was the new environment was a bit... Smaller then what I was used to. There was no earth to sniff, no plants to uproot. In all honesty, I even missed the cats! If you tell anyone, I'll deny it.

But she still had to go out on 'field assignments', and she decided to crate me while she wasn't around. Now, I am perfectly crate trained. I love my crate, it's my pad and I love snuggling into my pillow. But the new environment was driving me crazy, so I used my gift to escape the crate! (And no, I didn't destroy it. I unlatched the door, like a proper lady-dog.) After that I thought I'd do something nice for Momma-1 (despite the fact that she left me by myself!) and redecorate her room a little. I chewed off the corner of her bed frame, moved her pillows around a little; I even pulled out some of the stuffing in her duvet ala Mr. Moo! I don't think she was very appreciative of my efforts though.

I am proud to say that although I've been am an outdoors doggie, I only had ONE accident, and that was in the living room. =D You had no idea how relieved I was come the end of the week and I saw my wonderful yard and garden again! Of course, I had to celebrate with a few victory zooms.

And that's 7 things you now know about me! I'm still new to blogging, so hopefully this gives you an idea of the kind of female-dog that I am. =p
Now passing on this award is tricky, as I don't know a whole lot of people. Here's to hoping that I can make new fur-friends through this!

Just spreading the love!

Lots of Licks,


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Why thank you Summer for the award:) And congratulations to you for winning it! This is the first time I've been to your blog as I couldn't get here from your comments on my blog, weird huh? Frankie says you're very cute and he thinks you 2 could get up to lots of mischief together:)

Wild Dingo said...

you know summer, I stopped by a few days ago and didn't get a chance to say how purty i thought you were! that brindle coloring... and oooo la la, that floofy tail. MFT (khyra) may have something furry nice to say about your floofy tail!

as for the ocean...well, Loki is with you on that. of all things, Juno will go in! yes a husky! but not a BRAVE GSD! nope, no sirrie... just like you he has not trust in the monster. not even when those monster's waves are like an inch tall, he freaks... go figure. if you want to learn to like the water, maybe a momma can take you to a LAKE first where it's less intimidating (no waves) and where there are lots of doggies wadding in and out and going for toys...i tried that with Loki too... no go still. but hey i've heard it helps!

now as for that nipping.... oooo boy i'd bet your momma's want to NIP THAT IN THE BUD! LOL! (get it?) Loki had a wee-problem with "mouthing" (but not nipping, which is a little different). he eventually stopped. some of it can be anxiety. just have momma continue to redirect with proper things to put your mouth on. or in fact if you don't like water, perhaps they can use a squirt gun! ooooo that sounds MEAN!

so you know, I'm a mean dog-owner Summer. just warnin' you right now... real mean. and i'd be happy to give your momma BAD ideas for you! Booowahahahaahahahah!

as for the award: thank you so much. but please don't be mad if i don't pass them on. I NEVER do awards because I'm LAZY and i don't always visit everyone's blog every day. i drop in now and then tho! But thank you so much for it. it very kind.

welcome to bloggie world! you are very cute and will have a wonderful life!

Mayli the Labradane said...

How fantastic to read a bit more about you, Summer! I didn't realize that you were a rescue doggy like me before reading this post. Here's the part I really loved: your apprehension to touch anything icky with your paws. How cute! :) We have one more thing in common that Jeannie is only just now coming to terms with (dog owners can be in such terrible denial!) - I'm awfully mouthy myself. At least three times, I've "pinched" Jeannie with my front teeth and left bruises on her skin. If your mommas find good advice on this bad habit, I hope you'll pass it along!

Honey the Great Dane said...

Aww, Summer - what a brilliant post! I LOVED learning all those things abotu you and I feel like i know you so much better now!

And Oh My God - I am JUST like you about the water thing! I am terrified of water so when I was a puppy, a squirt with a water gun (or the spray thing that humand do the ironing with) was a really good way to 'correct' me for doing somethign naughty! Maybe your humans could try Wild Dingo's idea and use that on you when you try to nip them? But they would have to do it consistently every time AND also praise you lots AS SOON AS you pause or check yourself. But we understand that some doggies just have the nippy urge bred into them (do you have some kind of cattle dog in your genes? ) and it can be very hard to break the habit!

I did have a little giggle about your dainty reaction to slimey things on your paws. Hah! MY humans wish I was more like you! But I actually use my paws more than my mouth for interacting with things - I ALWAYS test things out first with my paws! And when I'm eating a yummy raw bone, I always hold it down with my paws so that they get all slimey and bloody and drooly - really gross! :-)

I used to zoom lots too when I was younger but now that I'm a senior doggie, I don't do it so much anymore.

Honey the Great Dane

Honey the Great Dane said...

ps. why is there no summer in Malaysia? I thought it was summer ALL the time in Malaysia! Hee! Hee!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I was thinking about the nipping and this is a suggestion for your Mum ... Frankie used to do a lot of nipping but mostly jumping up and nipping my arms so this might not work with Summer who you say likes to nip heels. The only thing that worked for me to stop him was to 'walk straight into his space' when he started nipping me I'd ignore him but just walk straight at him, not looking at him. He didn't like it and he soon stopped, it wasn't fun any more:)

houndstooth said...

I loved learning more about you! I think your floofy brindle fur is quite nice. I can be dainty when the occasion requires it, but once in a while, I like a good romp, too!

Thanks for sharing the award!


Sapphire said...

hello Summer! Finally, we sniff you :)
erm... Sapphire sniffs you!

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